Hi there!
My name is Aneesha and I am the founder of Lace & Lavande. I really appreciate the time that you are taking right now to learn a little more about us!

What Is Lace & Lavande ?

Lace & Lavande is an event-planning agency based in the south of France.

We have a very simple goal: to create bespoke moments by weaving beauty and emotion into your celebration

It could be a wedding proposal, wedding reception, or bachelor(ette) party, amongst a host of other possibilities – you tell us and we’ll deliver. . Our intention is for you to return home with meaningful memories of your wonderful time in the south of france!

So Why The Name Lace & Lavande?

This came about when I was wracking my head to find a name that was a touch whimsical whilst at the same time hinting at the geographical origins of the company.

I speak English and French, and very often Fran-glish and so the name "Lace & Lavande" seemed perfectly appropriate.

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And finally…

thank you for spending time with us.

Please go ahead and browse the various services that are provided by Lace & Lavande.

We reply to any queries you may have in under 48 hours, so please feel free to write to us .

Have a lovely day!

And Before Lace & Lavande?

I wasn’t always the director of an event-planning company; before Lace & Lavande, I was a Research & Development Engineer in an engineering firm in France, after having earned a PhD in Materials Science in Toulouse.

Yes! It's a bit of a change, from being an R&D engineer to becoming an event-planner, coming about as the result of a yearning for more excitement, and human- contact in my everyday life.

The years of experience as a scientist & engineer have helped hone such skills as attention to detail, stress-management, and rigour in any task undertaken, all of these have been so critical to the event-planning industry. Consequently, all these skills are at your disposal while planning, designing and coordinating your event.

Our warmest thanks to the talented photographers who immortalise our events