A Stylish Elopement in the south of France during the COVID pandemic

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Photo Credit: Les Images de Tom

As a destination wedding planner in 2020, who had had 90% of her weddings postponed, and suddenly a lot of free time on her hands

I had spent some (probably too much) time watching Downton Abbey, Bridgerton, and other shows of a similar genre. And now looking at the visuals of the styled shoot,

I do believe that the binge-watching inspired the mood of this elopement inspiration series; so, I guess “Thank you, 2020…”.

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After months of postponing weddings this year and guiding my clients through this rather traumatic ordeal, I felt a need to create a space for them; the tired and bewildered couple who had just wanted the simple pleasure of getting married, surrounded by their near and dear ones. To start that new chapter in their lives - but were unable to do so. I wanted to design something that I believed was beautiful, timeless, yet still reflected the mood of the world in 2020. An elopement series just made a lot of sense with the restrictions that were (and still are) put into place the world over.

So, we started the process of creating a little bubble for two lovers, away from the uncertainty and stress. It was just two of them taking the time to celebrate their love and each other. I wanted this elopement series to capture an atmosphere that was filled with intimacy, the quiet joy of finding each other, and really seeing each other – a feeling that big weddings don't always allow. And all this in a beautiful French Château nestled amidst olive groves and vineyards.

The French château that was chosen as the venue was just the right size - big enough to give off that fancy-vibe of a castle, however not so big that it would take away from the intimacy of the shoot.

All the suppliers for this styled shoot are based in and around Montpellier, France. I was rather keen on focusing on local suppliers and products to help shine a little light on the lovely, local talent we have here in the south of France.

Thanks for taking the time to read until the end. Stay safe!

Our warmest thanks to the talented photographers who immortalise our events